From house occupation to pop-up-event


A newspaper article on interim uses (and pop-up events) in Zurich as a driving force for business investment. A few sentences from the article translated:

“In the past, landlords would do everything to discourage squatters, today they give them a valid contract.”

“Liberal handling of squatters exerts pressure on landlords, to renovate immediately or release for interim use.”

“[…]interim uses cover operating costs of empty properties. They contribute retaining value because interim users invest in infrastructure. And interim use enhances the image of the place. A non-place is transformed into a place to be. The value of the property increases. Not the least, illegal squats can be avoided.”

” ‘Zurich owes a lot to the 1980s squatting movement’, says ETH-lecturer Philippe Klaus. Cultural interim uses like those on the Gerold-Areal or in the Toni-Molkerei have helped to free Zurich from its image as a somehow rigid financial hub and to present the city as lively and innovative place. ‘Interim uses have become places for business start-ups’, says Klaus. Emphasising that this is worth mentioning the more so as in Switzerland, compared to other countries, the government provides for only little start-up financing contribution for young entrepreneurs.”

The Wikipedia entry ‘pop-up retail’


End of the Tree

The tree in front of our house is gone. Seen in Zurich, 08.02.2017.

Yesterday morning, a tree in front of our house has virtually been dismantled. Somehow, one is wondering if Zurich Garden Department (Grünstadt Zürich) would be able to put together a tree using the same technique.

Seen and imagined on Badenerstrasse, Zurich on 08.02.2017.

“From 12 to 12” – 24 hours at Langstrasse

Made in 1971, “From 12 to 12” is a fine and unadorned document on at the time Zurich nightlife in the Langstrasse neighborhood. Worth watching! The film by Gianni Paggi was recently recovered from the SRF Swiss Radio and Television archives. Music by Swiss jazzman Bruno Spoerri, makes the film enjoyable to watch also for non-German speakers. Read this TA article.