Heating repair

You can find out more here about our new ethnographic research project on the work of HVAC* technicians. The project is attached to the Institute of Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In collaboration with Alain Bovet and Moritz F. Fürst. Started 1.10.2017. Duration 3 years. Read more


Image via www.lausanne.ch

*HVAC – heating, ventilation and air-conditioning





How Buildings Learn “Flow” 1/6

This is Steward Brand’s TV series ‘How Buildings Learn’. The series was aired by the BBC in 1997. Thoughts and facts on what happens to buildings after they’re built are still highly relevant. Following episodes will be posted on this blog in the coming weeks. The music is by Brian Eno. Keep your eyes and ears open.