Research Fields and Projects

Infrastructure Studies / Architectural Geographies

Taking care of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in times of energy transition, or how repair and maintenance shape energy infrastructure (2017-2020)

Design by repair: how cities are definied by the myriad functions of repair work (2015)

Repair, maintenance and urban assemblage (2014-2016)

Building care: that’s why our cities do not fall apart (2012-2015)

Repair work ethnographies (2014)

Design Research

Quality through planning competitions?  (2013-2016)

Planning competitions as knowledge system (2010-2013)

Amateur & professional work, skills and practice in digital video editing (2007-2010)

Urban Assemblages

Urban ruptures / local interventions: perspectives on suburban planning (2010-2013)

The residential highrise as a global form (2004-2007)

Shaping the sustainable city (2003-2002)