The Scientification of the City (1997-2003, 2004, 2007)


This project focuses on the relationship between science and the city. Particular attention will be paid to the question of how urbanisation is linked to the emergence of modern science.


Historical and contemporary studies on what it means to work scientifically in an urban context and how scientific ideas and concepts about the city emerge. Case studies of the ‘new’ experts in debates on urban transformation (19th century) (doctoral thesis), the laboratory experiments of British housing research (20th century), the emergence of a residential high-rise sociology (20th century) and microclimate research in public space (21st century).


This work contributes to an understanding of urban transformation that goes beyond economic, political and sociol processes. Since the 19th century, scientific order, categorisation and argumentation have decisively shaped cities and their transformation.

Duration case studies

1997-2003, 2004, 2007