The Residential Highrise as a Global Form (2004-2007)


Hardly any other building type has spread as persistently across the globe as the high-rise residential building. In Asia, more and more and larger high-rise housing estates are emerging. In Europe, demolition is frequent. What decides on success or failure of living together in the vertical?


Building biographies – History and social geography of two state-built high-rise housing estates (Red Road, Glasgow and Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore).


The project contributes to an understanding of the relationships between architecture, technology and everyday life. It describes the technical and social connections that were and are responsible for global reproduction but also for the success and failure of state residential buildings.


Jane M. Jacobs and Stephen Cairns (project investigators), Ignaz Strebel (associated researcher)

Project duration



Jacobs J.M., S. Cairns and I. Strebel (2009) The Highrise Project website.


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