Repair Work Ethnographies (2014-2018)


A four-year undertaking to bring together an international group of repair work researchers and to jointly write a multi-sited ethnography.


A first 3-day exploratory workshop took place at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) from 7-10 May 2014. A second reading/writing workshop, was held at the the Swiss Institute in Rome (Italy) from 20-23 May 2015.


Alain Bovet, Jérôme Denis, Tim Dant, Moritz F. Fürst, Christopher Henke, Lara Houston, Steven J. Jackson, Christophe Lejeune, David Pontille, Daniela K Rosner, Cornelius Schubert, Philippe Sormani, Ignaz Strebel, Martin Tironi, Meg Young


Book publication: Strebel, I., Bovet, A., & Sormani, P. (Eds.). (2019). Repair Work Ethnographies. Revisiting Breakdown, Relocating Materiality. Cham: Palgarve Macmillan. (Read more)