Repair is (always) more than restoring the original

Kulturen des Reparierens (transcript Verlag, 2018) is a new text collection edited by Stefan Krebs, Gabriele Schabacher and Heike Weber. It includes an article from The Urban Repair Project:

“Dann müssen wir es so lassen Reparatur ist (immer) mehr als die Wiederherstellung des Normalzustandes” (pp. 347-371)

The book is Open Access and you can download the entire book here.


Architecture Competition


Voilà! In-house production arrived this morning! Thanx to all those collaborating and supporting the project over the last three years. The book includes guest contributions by Kristian Kreiner, Leentje Volker, Peter Holm Jacobsen, Andreas Kamstrup, Camille Crossman, Torsten Schmiedeknecht and interviews with Malcolm Reading, Dietmar Eberle and Werner Sobek.

Gang Leader for a Day

Sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh on his study of a crack-dealing gang in the Robert Taylor Homes,  Chicago IL. Whilst the gang was involved in drug traffic, Sudhir Venkatesh also talks about the social purpose of the gang in absence of public services. People could turn to the gang, to get help. The study was published in the book Gang Leader for a Day in 2008.