How Buildings Learn “Built for Change” 3/6

The third episode of How Buildings Learn includes great thoughts and images about creativity, durability of buildings and self-building:

Brand’s starting point «All buildings are predictions, all predictions are wrong.» (3/6 @ 01:00)

«What makes a building learn is physical involvement of the people inside» (3/6 @ 07:00)

«Most buildings that are designed by architects that look radical, wind up pretty conservative as life levels them out. A better approach is to start conservative and sensible and then let the building gradually become radical by being responsive to its unique life» (3/6 @12.32)

The episode (3/6 @ 14:13) includes also an interview with Christopher Alexander, architect and co-author of A Pattern Language, The Oregon Experiment and The Timeless Way of Building. The trilogy is most influential on creative thinking in the fields of architecture and software design.

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