How Buildings Learn “Built for Change” 3/6

The third episode of How Buildings Learn includes great thoughts and images about creativity, durability of buildings and self-building:

Brand’s starting point «All buildings are predictions, all predictions are wrong.» (3/6 @ 01:00)

«What makes a building learn is physical involvement of the people inside» (3/6 @ 07:00)

«Most buildings that are designed by architects that look radical, wind up pretty conservative as life levels them out. A better approach is to start conservative and sensible and then let the building gradually become radical by being responsive to its unique life» (3/6 @12.32)

The episode (3/6 @ 14:13) includes also an interview with Christopher Alexander, architect and co-author of A Pattern Language, The Oregon Experiment and The Timeless Way of Building. The trilogy is most influential on creative thinking in the fields of architecture and software design.


Ignaz Strebel is an urban geographer and senior scientist at the University of Lausanne. His research is on the social and material practices that make up and transform urban systems. Using ethnography and audio-visual projects, he currently researches building care work, energy infrastructure services and the transformation capacities of prefabricated buildings.

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