Devil’s Enforcement


Away from the city, my good friend and hiking expert Elsbeth has introduced me to the transport technology of the hay rope. Wild hay making is an ancient tradition and is still practiced today on the flanks of the mountain in still many parts of the Alps. This sophisticated clamping technology called ‘Teufelszwang’ (engl. devil’s enforcement) supports stretching the ropes. (The sketches are taken from E. Richard and E. Schmocker, Das Wildheuen in Ringgenberg. Frutigen, 1980.)





Ignaz Strebel is an urban geographer and senior scientist at the University of Lausanne. His research is on the social and material practices that make up and transform urban systems. Using ethnography and audio-visual projects, he currently researches building care work, energy infrastructure services and the transformation capacities of prefabricated buildings.